ampere e building la defense paris

Architect: Jean Mas et l’Atelier a.2.3.4 Photos: © Charly Broyez

Ampère E+ Building (La Défense, Paris)

In the heart of La Défense, the business district of Paris, we find the Ampère building, built in the mid-1980s. This building has been transformed to become the new headquarters of the company Sogeprom. Rebaptised as "E+", it aims to become a benchmark for an "environmentally-friendly" building. The façade plays a very important role in this renovation process.

The old façade has been completely dismantled and replaced by a larger stained glass window that lets in much more natural light.
Mabelux Technic has curved the frames and curtain wall for this new façade in aluminium profiles designed by our customer.